dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Just working all week

This week is about work. 

Doing data analysis, completing interviews, going on a field trip to meet groups of women who got loans from WEF, etc. So spending our time waiting for taxis or waiting in traffic. Well, yesterday the taxi was earlier than agreed and I got a phone call asking us to come downstairs. But we needed to finish breakfast first.

Usually we left at 7:15 but today we wanted to leave a bit later because our meeting would be around 9 am. But the taxi came half an hour late and by then, the traffic was horrible. Outcome is of course that we did not arrive on time. Luckily it was not a problem and we had a very nice meeting with Pauline and Thomas of Hand-in-Hand (http://handinhand-ea.org/). Again a great organization that does a lot of real good work in East Africa with empowerment of women by giving them extensive training on business development. 

No pictures today... Maybe later this week. 

#ibmcsc kenya

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow. Je hebt in korte tijd al meer meegemaakt dan in al die jaren op werk, haha.
    Leuk om regelmatig te lezen over je belevenissen, inclusief de originele foto's. Doorgaan met posts plaatsen hoor.
    Veel (werk) plezier verder!

  2. Dank Harry. Ik ga zo nog wat foto's van gisteren en vandaag plaatsen.