zondag 25 mei 2014

Back to work

And now back to work. Last week ahead of us. 

#ibmcsc kenya 

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Already your last week? Wow, how time flies. I can imagine it is not nice that you might have to go home without having finished the job completely. But look at all the things you DID do. I really admire you and the team for all your work. And so nice that you shared all your adventures with us!
    Your family will be so proud of you! And so am I. Hopefully, when time permits and everything has calmed down again, we can meet at the office and have a short chat about your trip over coffee. Take care and hope you all enjoy this last week. "Zet 'm op!" Cathy.

  2. Time does fly... too fast... Mixed feelings here about wanting to stay longer in this great country while also at the same time wanting to go home as I miss my family very much.

    Coffee soon, yes, please!

    Thanks Cathy for your response. Nice to hear from the "home country" as well.

  3. Have a good trip back! See you soon... Cathy.