zaterdag 3 mei 2014

Arrival at Nairobi

Oh, already so much to tell... starting with the tears of goodbye at the airport... I'm going to miss the family so much!

And of course the plane from London to Nairobi had a delay. Reasons not fully clear, but something to do with a women feeling unwell so she left the plane and her luggage had to be removed as well. Heli and I met up at the gate prior to boarding. We were not sitting next to each other, but pretty close by. It was great to see the first member of our team, because it made this trip more real. 

Our arrival was late in the evening. My luggage did not arrive as quickly as Heli's and we had to wait a bit. Our contact Sharon of DOT was outside the airport standing with a sign and we could quickly get into the taxi to the hotel.

At the hotel, a few others were still in the common room. We were the last to arrive. Quickly unpack, and then to bed. Alarm at 7:00 am in time for breakfast. 

Picture of the IBM buildings in Amsterdam from the plane:
Picture of IBM sign at the Nairobi airport: 

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