vrijdag 8 mei 2015

Update after a year...

Some of us have been able to meet each other after the CSC assignment. It's been a year since we first met at Riverside Apartments in Nairobi. The new CSC cycle has started, so a short update on meeting old friends.

Last weekend (May 2015), Luke and I met in NY while I was there with my family. Picture is taken in Brooklyn, NY. 

Luke, Alex, Thomas, and Matthijs

Earlier in the year, Ulla-Britt came to IBM Amsterdam for education. So she had dinner at my place. 

Earlier in 2014, Ulla-Britt and her husband were in Amsterdam for the Marathon of Amsterdam. We went to dinner in an Ethiopian restaurant - a bit of an African feeling. 

But the first I saw after our stay in Nairobi was Heli. She was on business trip in Amsterdam, during the World Championship soccer. We watched the game and had dinner at our place.