dinsdag 15 april 2014

Our project for WEF

Today we'll be discussing details about our Sub Team 4 project for Women Enterprise Fund (WEF). 

Lots of prep work with reading material on WEF, Kenya Vision 2030, background on financing in Africa, what-to-bring list and so on. While at the same time still having to do my regular day job... something of a challenge. Maybe also because my head is full of African skies and not matching the cold spring weather here in the Netherlands. Forecast for Nairobi  around 25° Celsius during the day and 15° at night. The rain season is not yet over, so a small umbrella is also on the packing list. Still, it sounds better than the local weather.

And for those interested, see the link in the right column of my blog for more details on WEF.

#ibmcsc kenya

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